Should I or Should not I?

planning to quit my job, i mean my current job now.
i’m just getting fed up with all the politics that make things messed up.

indeed i know, that i have to face all this situation in working stage.
but for now, i am just getting tired. 
looks like i’m old enough huh to go through all this(again)??haha

maybe i’m just too(more) fragile instead of i’m being thought that i’m less fragile before.
what la you a’an oi?haha. 

A Very Good Morning

Hello November 1st!
and followed with salam “Assalamualaikum” as i’m a muslim. 
Praise to Allah Almighty that gave me all the strength to go through of an ups and downs of this year journey(which a very long journey). 

I had a very long story to share with but still I don’t have any idea how it gonna be define in words. So, this entry will be my first post, and I have a very high hope for me to stay tune in continuing this blog works frequent (which I do have blogs before but not keep updating, that’s why I wish with “a very high hope”) so called silly me 🙂

With this will be my matured state that should be begin instantly. Always hope so 🙂